As the world’s leading exporter and number two importer, China has seen it’s translation volume explode over the last ten years. During this period, Stephens Media has excelled in providing language services in multiple industry sectors.

If you need translation from English to Chinese and Chinese to English, our specialist team of interpreters enable us to satisfy demanding expectations time and again – quickly and professionally.


We can producing videos for an intended audience abroad. Why? Well, we help businesses to showcase themselves with a unique video aimed and directed at the specific country that they are working with or looking to work with.

We have translators, transcribers that ‘speak’ in the chosen language for the country intended, i.e China market, then we have the video produced in mandarin, plus of course, English too if requested.

It’s a case of the British business being a bit smarter and thinking of the client with whom they are looking to work with. We also help with regards to culture for the chosen country too, it helps when producing a video to have this in mind!